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 Easy Qualification

There are no health exams necessary to qualify for the Funeral Advantage program. Just answer a few simple health questions. Most everyone qualifies, even if they've had past health issues.

Fast Claims Payment

Lincoln Heritage sends the money to your beneficiary as quickly as possible. Most claims are paid within 24 hours of claim approval.

Easy Application

Getting started with the Funeral Advantage program is easier than you think. When you're ready, completing the application takes just a few minutes. Request FREE information today and see the complete application for yourself.

 Up to $100,000 Additional Coverage

You can add up to
$100,000 in Accidental Death insurance coverage through the Funeral Advantage program — just by checking one simple box! Find out more by requesting FREE information today.



saved policyholder families over

$13 million on funeral costs last year.

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How Funeral Advantage Helps Families

Upon a Funeral Advantage member's death, there are literally hundreds of decisions to be made by the surviving loved ones — some potentially very costly.

The Funeral Consumer Guardian Society (FCGS) immediately goes into action to help those in charge of funeral arrangements cope with the many details that immediately arise. With this help, everything can go as smoothly and easily as possible for your loved ones during a time of intense emotions and stress.

We are The Leading Final Expense Insurer

Don't leave this big emotional situation to your family.

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Funeral Advantage Program Highlights

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Funeral Advantage is a final expense life insurance plan underwritten by Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company on form #ICC13FEAPPR. Not available in New York. In Washington state, ages 40-65 only.

The FCGS is not affiliated with any religion, funeral home, cemetery, or any particular funeral approach. There is never any obligation or pressure to buy anything from anyone.



Funeral Advantage will pay your loved ones up to $20,000 cash when they need it most.

Many Americans age
40-85 have been accepted for this program created to help pay for one's funeral and any other final expenses.

About Funeral Advantage

The Funeral Advantage Program offers easy qualification and a streamlined application process. No health examinations are necessary — only a few health questions. Most customers get coverage, even with health issues.